Opinion of Genius Hour

About Genius Hour of Google, I think it is a great program for people who like to work on their interests or topics because this program requires people who doing it passion, hard-work, focus on a specific topic instead of doing so many things but useless and gives space and time for a person to come up with their own ideas without being pushed or putting pressure on. Moreover, by doing on this program, people can learn from their own mistakes then find and try many different methods to improve themselves as well as their skills. This also gives persistence and serving opportunities since people would more likely to think of the quality of the final project and the knowledge obtained during the process than the amount of projects they do.

The Magnetic Laptop


Second Animation of Video Production Class

Title: The Magnetic Laptop

Description: This video is about a laptop eating almost everything in life such as papers, candies, so on and this eating laptop represent a generation where technology has bad influence in human life. People take the control of technology but they only focus on its advantages and forget their natural values , the people around them.